The cuts to services in Liverpool

Yesterday in a debate on local government finance, I challenged the government again on cuts to services in Liverpool.

By 2019, Liverpool City council is forecast to face real terms cuts of 68%. These cuts are putting our services under great strain and have caused a crisis in social care.

I asked:

I agree with the Secretary of State about drawing attention to the importance of local government. Will he explain why Liverpool, with its high deprivation and low tax base, has now lost more than 60% of its central Government funding?

Sajid Javid replied:

The hon. Lady will know that all councils have been asked to make a contribution to deal with the large deficit that the country had in 2010. That does not mean it has not been challenging—it has been for Liverpool and other councils—but many other councils have demonstrated that there are ways to deal with that and have been able to handle the challenges well. It might reassure the hon. Lady to remind her that the Liverpool city region is part of the business rates retention pilot, which I shall address in a moment and which may help to deal with some of the challenges.

I was totally dissatisfied with Sajid Javid’s answer which disregarded Liverpool’s problems.

I call on the government to call a halt to these savage cuts which are cutting services and inflicting great hardship on the people of Liverpool.

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(Video here)