Vote REMAIN tomorrow

remainI strongly back REMAIN in the EU referendum that will take place in less than 24 hours time.

Liverpool benefits from Europe. Millions of pounds of EU investment over two decades has supported jobs, businesses and training in the city.

Our universities, museums, theatres, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, John Lennon Airport, the Cruise Liner Terminal, Conference and Exhibition Centre – have all been helped by European funding.

What does our membership of EU also bring?

  • Employment Rights
  • Environmental protections
  • Consumer Rights
  • Visa Free travel across Europe – bringing tourists to Liverpool
  • European-wide security co-operation is vital against terrorism and people trafficking
  • European free market is vital for trade
  • 3m British jobs are linked to trade with the EU

Why vote ‘Leave’ and risk all that?

I urge you to vote REMAIN.