Models of Diversity

I was very pleased to meet Gemma Flanagan, a constituent of mine and Ambassador for the campaign group Models of Diversity.

Models of Diversity, a not-for-profit group, campaigns for more diversity in the fashion, beauty and marketing industries – to recognise models of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

Gemma’s own story has been reported by the Echo previously and can be found here.

Gemma tells me:

“Young people of today are so bombarded by unrealistic, un-attainable images of models and celebrities which is so dangerous. So many young girls and boys are doing crazy unhealthy things to try and look like how fashion and media portray how they should look.

Both industries are so powerful over young people and that this is where our message of inclusive fashion & media needs to stem from.

If for example a model in a wheelchair is viewed in a fashion campaign or in the media as a regular occurrence, then this would be viewed as the ‘norm’ and people would not be made to feel like they are odd or different in any way, shape or form.”

Their main campaign is called, #disabilityfight4fashionright.

Gemma is a committed and inspiring young woman. I support their campaign and want it to succeed.

Further information can be found via their Twitter handle: @modsofdiversity and their #disabilityfight4fashionright petition can be clicked here.