The current situation in Yemen

I am very concerned about the situation in Yemen and I have expressed my concerns to Government, as well as taking up individual cases from constituents who have family members stranded in the country.

I tabled a question to the Minister responsible and I received this response from Tobias Ellwood:

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what discussions he has had with his counterpart in Yemen on the safety of British citizens in that country.

Mr Tobias Ellwood:

Since 2011, we have advised British nationals against all travel to Yemen. Our travel advice has included information on the current situation in Yemen, as well as of the support that can be provided in neighbouring countries. We continue to work with international partners to resolve the current crisis in Yemen and bring political stability to the country. Given the current situation in Yemen, I have not discussed this issue with the Government of Yemen since the beginning of the recent crisis.

I am not satisfied with this reply and I will be pursuing it.