Bedroom Tax vote

Yesterday in Parliament I voted to scrap the heinous and unfair bedroom tax. Labour, who have pledged to abolish the bedroom tax if we win the next election, called today’s vote on this important issue.

The motion read: “That this House believes that the housing benefit social sector size criteria, otherwise known as the bedroom tax, should be abolished with immediate effect.”

It was defeated by 298 votes to 266 thanks to Conservative and Lib Dem MPs, who voted against the motion.

The Tory and Lib Dem Government introduced this unjust policy and it has affected around half a million households across the country. Two thirds of these households include a disabled person.

Like most of this Government’s policies it has hit Liverpool especially hard. My constituency of Liverpool Riverside is the sixth worst affected in the country and 2,430 people have lost out as a result.

This cannot be allowed to continue and a future Labour Government will repeal this abhorrent tax. In the mean time I will do all I can to put pressure on the Tory/Lib Dem Government to reverse it.