BIKERIGHT! – delivering eight new cycle stands to promote greener commuter travel

Kirkdale based cycle training organisation BikeRight! has unveiled a number of new cycle storage facilities across Everton and Kirkdale – funded as part of an ongoing drive to change the way in which local employees travel to and from work.

I am pictured at the recent Eldonian launch with Jo Somerset, Director of BikeRight!

BikeRight! has been working with local employers and institutions to offer staff a viable alternative to commuting by car – encouraging cycling or indeed walking.

Cycle stands are being installed at Benson Signs, DBH Business Centre, Everton Sports Centre, The Rotunda College and Liverpool Community College as well as Everton’s WECC, Shrewsbury House and Eldonian Village Hall.

The cycle stands have been installed as part of the successful Choose Freedom project, a Liverpool City Council project funded by the Department for Transport through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The project is being delivered by BikeRight!

BikeRight! is responsible for many innovative projects in Liverpool working with businesses and residents to encourage safe cycling to promote wellbeing and improved employment opportunities in Liverpool. Their Choose Freedom project in North Liverpool encourages residents of Everton and Kirkdale to get on their bikes and enjoy the freedom, savings, health benefits and increased job opportunities afforded by cycling and walking.

BikeRight!’s recent night-time ride short film –