Decision to close Princes Road and London Road Nat West branches

I was deeply disappointed to receive a response from RBS (Nat West) confirming closure of Princes Road and London Road branches. I made representations to RBS to say that the banks, in particular Princes Road, are an important asset to the community.

RBS stated in their response:

Dear Louise Ellman,

I am sorry for the delay in my response – I have been looking into whether the decision is final in both branches and I’m afraid to say the decisions will not be reversed.

We are liaising closely with local members of the community about the closures and also with customers.

We have arranged a meeting […] today to organise a meeting with representatives of the local community.

As well as writing to customers, providing literature about the alternatives and helping those who seek advice, we are also going to organise ‘Open Days’ in at least 2 branches so that customers affected by the closure can visit these local branches to see the Service Options and layout available.

As I said in my original e-mail we do not take these decisions lightly and we will do everything we can to mitigate the difficulties that arise for our customers.

I will go back to the bank and ask what action they are to take now for local customers.