Visit to United Utilities at Sandon Dock

I recently went on a fact-finding visit to United Utilities’ Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Works to find out about their plans for a new £200million waste treatment plant on the banks of the River Mersey.

I was shown how the city’s sewage has been treated in the past and how it will be dealt with in the future.

The works at Sandon Dock in Regent Road, are being extended into the redundant Wellington Dock.

The new plant will be able to cope with 11,000 litres of waste a second, serving more than 600,000 people and industry in Liverpool from Crosby in the north to Speke in the south.

The scheme to build the new works is expected to generate 350 jobs and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. This is great news for the city and for its environmental future.