North-South divide in Transport spending

Yesterday (Tuesday) I spoke in Parliament in an Estimates Day Debate on the issue of Transport and the Economy.

I launched a debate on two reports from the Transport Committee on the issue of expenditure by the Department for Transport.

I highlighted the North-South divide which appears to be occurring in funding for transport spending.

A recent analysis by a leading think tank noted that the regional breakdown of new transport spending favoured the South. It found that 84% of planned new infrastructure spending would be in London and the South-East, compared with just 6% in Northern England. The average spend per head is £2,731 in London, compared with just £5 in the North.

This regional imbalance is a matter of serious concern. It is worrying that at a time when £15 billion will be invested in Crossrail and £5.5 billion in Thameslink, a reappraisal is taking place on whether half a billion pounds should be invested in the Northern Way which would improve rail services across the North.

This is concerning at a time when Merseyside already faces transport spending cuts of 20%.

You can access a copy of my speech following the link below: