Science Lorry Lab rolls into Shorefields!

Today, I visited Lab in a Lorry at Shorefields Technology College in Dingle Vale.

The mobile physics lab for young people, run by the Institute of Physics (IOP), is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, offering 11-14 year olds the opportunity to explore science through specially created interactive experiments.

The lorry is embarking on a tour of the North West which aims to reach 6,000 students from across the region, all of whom will be introduced to key concepts in physics.

The experiments on board the lorry involve using the properties of light to diagnose sick patients, using sound waves to smash wine glasses, and scattering light to understand why the sky is blue and help identify the real colour of the Sun. The key concepts behind the experiments will be illustrated with examples from everyday life and cutting-edge research.

This is an innovative idea and one which I hope will inspire future scientists! More information can be found at