Drop The Bill – Health and Social Care Bill

The Labour Party is calling on the government to drop the Health and Social Care Bill.

The NHS faces the biggest financial challenge in its history at the same time as the government has launched the biggest top-down reorganisation since 1948.  The NHS must make £20bn of cuts by 2015 and the changes are set to cost the health service £3.4bn.

The planned changes to the NHS risk privatisation in the future. Under the Government’s plans, NHS hospitals will be allowed to use almost half their hospital beds and theatre time for private patients. Foundation hospitals will also be able to raise 49% of their funds through non-NHS work.

This Bill threatens the future of our NHS. Organisations representing over 1.2 million local NHS doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care providers have shown their opposition to the plans.

Liverpool has already seen an 87% increase in the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment since the government came into office.  The costs of reorganisation are hitting the NHS hard, with £38,867,033 set aside for reorganisation in Liverpool Primary Care Trust.  The number of nurses in the North West has been cut by 1,298 since the general election.

We have just three months to fight these plans which risk the breakup of the NHS.

You can show your support for the Bill to be dropped by signing the e-petition following the link:  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22670

The petition has received over 120,000 signatures and is rising.

Further information can be found on the drop the bill website:  http://www.dropthebill.com/